500 Gram Cakes

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500 gram pyrotechnic devices are the largest consumer firework allowed by federal law in the United States. 500 gram cakes, also known as a repeater, are multi-shot fireworks. Simple and easy, you light one fuse that sets off a chain reaction of timed shots.

  • 1500 Gram Pro Series Finale Box #1

    1500 Gram Pro Series Finale Box #1

    72 Shots - For optimal performance Light all three cakes simultaneously to unleash round after round of Silver tail to purple dahlia and chrysanthemums with a massive wave of golden crackle, Followed by ultra bright purple dahlia in V formation finale.

  • 2 Minute Block Party

    2 Minute Block Party

    Let this long duration cake be the center of your party! Light one fuse and see peonies, brocades, willows, strobes, fans and many more professional level effects. At two minutes plus this is the longest duration 500 gram repeater available!

  • 2 Minute Rub & Tug

    2 Minute Rub & Tug

    Experience the ultimate professional-level pyrotechnic performance with the 2 Minute Rub & Tug. Enjoy 63 shots of dazzling peonies, brocades, willows, strobes, fans and many more mesmerizing effects, and ignite a spectacular night sky show for your...

  • 3 Minutes Till Dawn

    3 Minutes Till Dawn

    3 Minutes Till Dawn – a brilliant pyrotechnic show that will leave your audience in awe! Get ready to provide a spectacular display with over 70 shots of assorted colors and effects – ranging from strobing glittering breaks to flying fish...

  • 50 Second Firestorm

    50 Second Firestorm

    Welcome to the realm of pyrotechnic excellence with our "50 Second Firestorm" - a testament to precision and artistry in the world of fireworks. This awe-inspiring masterpiece boasts a total of 63 meticulously choreographed shots, each meticulously...

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    500 Gram FANtastic Assortment

    500 Gram FANtastic Assortment

    This assortment of fireworks is perfect for the professional pyrotechnician who is looking for a high-quality product that will deliver a stunning show. It features a variety of effects and an array of beautiful colors.   Sky Dancer Pyro Fanatic...

    Was: $663.91
    Now: $584.99
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    500 Gram Thumping Good Time Assortment

    500 Gram Thumping Good Time Assortment

    This assortment of fireworks is perfect for the professional pyrotechnician who is looking for a high-quality product that will deliver a stunning show. It features a variety of effects and an array of beautiful colors.   Cinnamon and Sugar Go Fury...

    Was: $633.88
    Now: $532.99
  • Air Show

    Air Show

    Air Show 25 Shots - Water blue to green with golden glitter. Purple, green and sky blue with golden glitter. Rosy, green and sky blue with crackling. Purple, green and yellow with crackling. Water blue, lemon and green with golden glitters.

  • American Spirit

    American Spirit

    American Spirit, the perfect pyrotechnic for any patriotic event! This incredible firework displays 156 Shots of red, white, and blue dahlias – all shooting in sequence to create a stunning brocade crown with blue and white glitter. This burst of...

  • Apocalyptica 300 Shots

    Apocalyptica 300 Shots

    This product features 300 powerful shots that deliver an impressive display of colorful crackling comets with strobing tails and whistling lighting up the sky. All of this is provided in a high gloss full color carton, making it easy to transport and...

  • Bad Kitty

    Bad Kitty

    Bad Kitty, a true force to be reckoned with in the world of fireworks.  Experience the captivating allure of the Bad Kitty as it showcases an array of enchanting performances. Marvel at the brilliance of the red glitter with palm pistil, followed by...

  • Bad Omen

    Bad Omen

    Bad Omen - the perfect way to take your pyrotechnic artistry to the next level. This one-of-a-kind product offers a stunning combination of effects that will leave your audience in awe.  With 25 shots, a fan formation transition from gold to blue...

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    Bang Bang

    Bang Bang

    Bang Bang is an 8-pack of double break shells of amazing effects. Perfect for any pyrotechnician, Bang Bang is sure to leave a lasting impression on any audience. After you shoot this, you'll be wanting to buy more! Get your pack of Bang Bang today and...

    Was: $78.99
    Now: $30.00
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    Bella's Box

    Bella's Box

    Introducing Bella's Box, a 25-shot fan cake from OMG Fireworks that is sure to bring a dazzling display of color to any special occasion. This expertly constructed fan cake is designed to fill the sky with beautiful shades of color, featuring five shots...

    Was: $72.99
    Now: $54.99
  • Black Sunshine

    Black Sunshine

    Black Sunshine is an exquisite fireworks display that will turn any darkness to light! Featuring 190+ sweeping volleys, that are sure to fill the sky with a colorful array of crackles and reports, it offers the perfect finale with fan sweeps of huge...

  • Bones BUY 1 GET 1 FREE

    Bones BUY 1 GET 1 FREE

    Enthrall your audience with a captivating display of vibrant colors and electrifying sounds with Bones, a 12-shot aerial firework that delivers an unforgettable sensory experience. Vivid Colors and Thrilling Sounds: Experience an explosion of 12 vibrant...

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    Braggin Rights

    Braggin Rights

    Braggin' Rights delivers the same exceptional performance as our larger 3" shells, ensuring a captivating display that will leave your audience in awe. Incorporate Braggin' Rights into your pyrotechnic displays to add a burst of vibrant colors and...

    Was: $68.99
    Now: $58.99
  • Breaking News

    Breaking News

    Introducing Breaking News: the ultimate show-stopping pyrotechnic display. Featuring 49 shots of multi-color crossettes, this cake is designed to fill the night sky with an incredible spectacle of color. Each row is a new hue, with the display beginning...

  • CBD Cronic Boom Disease

    CBD Cronic Boom Disease

    The CBD Cronic Boom Disease is an intense firework display with 25 shot fans, double crackle mines and double crackle breaks. This pyrotechnic display is sure to leave a lasting impression! With a mesmerizing display of colors and effects, the CBD...

  • Chasing Booty

    Chasing Booty

    Chasing Booty 24 Shots - Sky blue mines to pigeon blood red and white glitter to brocade crown mine, brocade crown and green dahlia, red dahlia to brocade crown mine with green glitter brocade with crackling.

  • Chillax


    Chillax provides a stunning visual display perfect for any pyrotechnic show. With 24 shots of vibrant stars that rise high and slowly descend in a combination of bright colors, alternating with heavy breaks of brocade, glitter, and crackle, this product...

  • Cinnamon And Sugar

    Cinnamon And Sugar

    Introducing the Cinnamon and Sugar pyrotechnic display! This display is designed to electrify the night sky with its dazzling pyrotechnic effects! Featuring 25 rapid-fire shots that fill the sky with a blend of cinnamon and sugar, this display will leave...

  • Cobra Kiss

    Cobra Kiss

    Introducing "Cobra Kiss" - The Epitome of Pyrotechnic Mastery Elevate your pyrotechnic displays to extraordinary heights with "Cobra Kiss," the quintessential 3-layer cake designed to captivate audiences with its mesmerizing brilliance. Crafted...

  • Cock Block

    Cock Block

    Cock Block, the revolutionary pyrotechnic masterpiece from the experts at fireworks. With its powerful combination of 70 uniquely crafted money shots, this fireworks display is guaranteed to enthrall your audience and create unforgettable memories. From...

  • Colorclasm


    Colorclasm is a grown-up 25 Shot kaleidoscope! Volleys of rich, bold color, deep blues, luscious pinks, verdant greens, rich yellows, and ruby reds dance across the sky!

  • Colorful Sky

    Colorful Sky

    The Colorful Sky's stunning and versatile display features a variety of effects, including colorful dahlias, red bursts, green coconuts, brocade crowns, and sky blue chrys mines. The display is also topped off with a time rain of sparkling stars.  ...

  • Cotton Mouth

    Cotton Mouth

    18 shot fan cake, This item features a new effect we call "cotton crackle". Its a soft crackle effect that is very beautiful. Look for vivid color burst ending in this quiet cotton effect. A great new pyro effect! For more information please visit www...

  • Crazy Clown

    Crazy Clown

    The Crazy Clown fireworks display is a professional-grade display that produces a dazzling and mesmerizing display of bloody red, lemon, golden chrysanthemums, sky blue to orange dahlia, and nishiki with green glitter. With 6 shots at once, this display...

  • Crazy Karen

    Crazy Karen

    Introducing our newest addition to the fireworks lineup - the "Crazy Karen"! This extraordinary firework is guaranteed to make a statement in any neighborhood. With 64 shots and a variety of stunning effects, including red crackling, blue with white...

  • Cryptic Warning

    Cryptic Warning

    Introducing the "Cryptic Warning" – an embodiment of pyrotechnic excellence that sets the stage for an unparalleled spectacle. With a precise orchestration of 15 shots, experience the seamless transition from bright white strobes to the majestic...

  • Damned


    The Damned Compact 500G cake is an incredible value for any pyrotechnician looking for an awe-inspiring display. With 8 shots featuring glitter and strobing breaks, this product is sure to turn heads and impress any crowd. Get the most bang for your buck...

  • Death Punch

    Death Punch

    Death Punch is a 9-shot firework that delivers a stunning and powerful display of colorful palms and strobes. It is the perfect firework for those who want to make a big impression. Death Punch is perfect for any special occasion, such as New Year's Eve,...

  • Devil's Playground

    Devil's Playground

    This display packs a punch with 16 shots of peach stars with lemon glitter, violet stars with green glitter, lemon stars and orange stars with white glitter, and gold stars with sea blue glitter, followed by a 4 shot finale with timed rain.  This...

  • DOS Attack

    DOS Attack

    Introducing the DOS Attack, the ultimate pyrotechnician's weapon of choice. This 500 gram multi-shot unleashes 20 vertical shots of hard hitting variegated shells. The intense crackle ending will leave you shaken and in awe of its power. Don't let its...

  • Double Nuke

    Double Nuke

    Introducing the Double Nuke, the latest addition to the OMG Fireworks range! This box contains nine large 2" guns that will make a powerful statement when set off. Each shot contains two massive and hard hitting breaks that are perfectly timed to keep...

  • Double Shot

    Double Shot

    Double Shot 16 Shots of Double breaks 32 Breaks total! Brocade tail to golden titanium willows. Red tail to neaon orange with green strobe. Red tail to lake blue with red strobes. Green tails to big silver chrysanthemums.

  • Double The Fun (24 Breaks!)

    Double The Fun (24 Breaks!)

    This product is the ultimate value for your money, offering 24 huge breaks in one cake. You'll be sure to get maximum impact with every launch, creating a stunning display The Double The Fun (24 Breaks!) fireworks cake is the perfect way to add some...

  • Dragon


    With an impressive 24 shots, each with volleys of GIANT brocades and complimenting strobe and falling leaves, this is an effect rarely seen in consumer fireworks.  The perfect addition to any display, the Dragon is sure to make an impact and leave...


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