Ohio State Fireworks Laws


Specifically permitted

Consumers may purchase 1.4G fireworks only from one of the approximately 50 licensed sales locations. Delivery of fireworks must occur at licensed location as internet sales with direct shipments to consumers in Ohio are prohibited. All fireworks acquired by a consumer must be transported out of state within 48 hours. Discharge of fireworks in Ohio by a consumer is prohibited.

Exception: trick and novelty items, smoke devices and sparklers may be purchased from any general business location in Ohio and used by consumers in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

Specifically prohibited

Usage prohibited, with exception for trick and novelty items and sparklers


Display Permit

All displays or discharges of fireworks require a site/display/date specific permit issued by local fire officer, in consultation with local law enforcement. Exhibitor can only acquire fireworks for display with the specific permit for the intended display. Display can only go forward after completion of exhibition checklist at display site by exhibitor and specific approval of fire officer. Major criminal penalties for violating detailed post incident laws if a discharge incident or accident occurs.


At least one million dollars


Exhibitors must have license issued by the State Fire Marshal. Conditions include: $50 annual fee, be 21 years of age, pass written test, meet continuing education requirements. Assistants that help set up show or handle fireworks must be registered with State Fire Marshal ($25 fee).


All fireworks Manufacturers and Wholesalers (both may also conduct retail sales), Exhibitors, Exhibitor Assistants and Out of State Shippers must be annually licensed/registered in Ohio. All must pass a background checks.


Ohio Department of Commerce Division of State Fire Marshal Code Enforcement Bureau 8895 East Main Street Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068 Telephone: 614-728-5460 http://www.com.ohio.gov/fire/

Political subdivision law enforcement and fire officers CURRENT LAW REFERENCES


may also have enforcement authority, particularly at exhibition sites.

Statutory Law: Ohio Revised Code Chapter 3743: 

Administrative law: OAC 1301:7-7-33 (aka Ohio Fire Code Rule 33):

Senate Bill [SB] 61 (Effective 12-1-86); House Bill [HB] 215 (Effective 6-30-97); HB 405 (Effective 10-19-2000);

HB 161 (Effective 6-29-2001)

HB 255 (Effective 3-31-05);

HB 66 (Effective 9-29-05):

HB 119 (Effective 9-29-07);

HB 562 (Effective 9-23-08);

HB 1 (Effective 10-16-09);

SB 171 (Effective 6-30-2011);

HB 153 (Effective 9-29-2011)

HB 487 (Effective 9-10-2012); and

HB 64 (Effective 9-29 2015).

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