Oregon State Fireworks Laws


Specifically permitted Consumer fireworks obtained from an Oregon permitted retail stand, such as cones, fountains, and wheels.
Specifically prohibited Aerial fireworks such as bottle rockets and roman candles. Also, any type of fireworks not obtained from an Oregon permitted retail stand. No internet purchases.
Selling period June 23, through July 6.
Sales Retail sales permit issued by State Fire Marshal with local sign-off required authorizes retail sales. Must be at least 18 years of age to sell, at least 16 years old to purchase.

General, Limited and Special Effects

Require a permit issued by State Fire Marshal with local sign-offs. Fireworks must be purchased from an Oregon permitted wholesaler. Operator in charge must obtain certification from the State Fire Marshal and conduct display in accordance with Oregon requirements.
Insurance As required by local jurisdiction, but not less than $500.
Operator Certifications required for operators of general and limited displays. Must be age 21 to be certified for general displays, and 18 for limited and special effects displays.
MANUFACTURE, STORAGE, TRANSPORTATION Must have local fire department approval for storage. All boxes must be labeled with wholesaler name and permit number, along with the name and permit number of the recipient. Federal DOT requirements must be followed.


Oregon State Police
Office of State Fire Marshal
4760 Portland Road NE
Salem, OR 97305
Phone: (503) 378-3473



Oregon Revised Statutes, Chapter 480, Oregon Administrative Rules, Chapter 837.

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