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 Within the next 1-3 days you will receive email from us with your shipping information. The email will provide you with the name of the carrier and the Pro # (tracking #). Fireworks must be shipped hazmat freight (YRC, R+L, ABF, Etc). If you only ordered from our “Low Cost Shipping” and/or “Supplies” categories, these items will be shipped with USPS, UPS Ground, or FedEx Ground.  


 Hazmat Freight: Once the items have shipped, please stay up to date with the tracking. After a day, contact the freight company and follow what is happening with your shipment as the freight companies will no longer be contacting you for delivery arrangements. Contacting the freight company will give you the best chance to get your order quickly and allow you to plan to be home when the freight arrives.

 Some freight companies are no longer requiring a signature for delivery and will simply leave the freight at your address and take a photo for their records. This might seem more convenient, but if you are unable to inspect and note missing or damaged items on the proof of delivery receipt, we will be unable to replace the damaged and/or missing items.

Although the freight companies have said they will no longer be contacting you before delivery, we want you to be aware that they might. If this is the case, once the shipment has reached the destination terminal, the freight company may try to reach you by phone before they deliver. If they cannot, your order will sit in their warehouse; after 3-4 days, they will add storage fees to your order which you will be responsible for paying before they deliver your order. After 5-7 days of not being able to contact you, the freight company will deem your order as “abandoned,” and your order will be sent to a hazardous materials disposal company for proper disposal. Your order will be destroyed. If this happens, the company that disposes of your order will send us a bill for the safe and legal disposal of YOUR hazardous materials shipment and we will have to pay for this service. NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED TO CUSTOMERS WHEN THIS HAPPENS…SO DON’T BE “THAT GUY” PLEASE ANSWER THE PHONE AND/OR COMMUNICATE WITH THE FREIGHT COMPANY.

Helpful Notes

  1. If your order has not arrived within 10 business days, call us.
  2. If the tracking shows your order headed in the wrong direction, call us.
  3. If the freight company says your order will arrive today, multiple days in a row, call us.
  4. OC Fireworks does not guarantee delivery dates, and you should allow for 7-10 business days for delivery.
  5. Once you receive the fireworks, they cannot be returned. If they are refused before you receive them, you will be held responsible for ALL SHIPPING (original, storage, and return) charges even if you qualified for free shipping when ordering, plus a restocking fee. The total cost of this is typically around $500.

 What do I do when it arrives?

 Again, some freight companies are no longer requiring a signature to deliver your shipment and will simply leave it at your door. If this is the case, you have 24 hours to report any loss or damage to the freight company. If this does not happen, there is nothing further that can be done to correct this for you. The freight company will determine the validity of your claim.

We recommend that you are present to receive the shipment.

Why? Because noting damages or missing items on the truck driver’s copy of the Proof of Delivery Receipt before you sign it allows us to attempt to rectify the situation. There is absolutely nothing we can do for you if these notations are not made. 

Contacting the freight company gives you the best chance to be present when your shipment arrives.

 Inspecting your shipment: 

  1. Inspect all cartons for signs of damage or tampering (broken security seals or anything that looks unusual).
  2. Make sure all shipping labels have your name and address on them, and they all belong to you.
  3. Make sure the number of cartons on the proof of delivery receipt matches the number of cartons you are receiving.
  4. Open your boxes to make sure the items are inside.
  5. If there are any discrepancies, whatsoever, be sure to clearly note all issues on the proof of delivery receipt before you sign it. Examples: damaged box, missing box, opened box, missing item/s etc. We Strongly recommend photos of damaged boxes and items.
  6. Signing the Proof of Delivery without noting discrepancies indicates that you received your shipment in full with 100% satisfaction.


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