Colorado State Fireworks Laws


Specifically permitted Cylindrical and cone fountains, ground spinners,
torches and colored fire, dipped sticks and
sparklers, snakes and glow worms, trick
noisemakers, and certain other novelties. These
items are subject to size and chemical
composition limitations.
Specifically prohibited Firecrackers, aerial devices, audible ground
devices, and any fireworks not specifically
Age to purchase and sell 16 years of age

Display Permit

Apply to local authorities at least 30 days before
display date, or to Division of Fire Safety if no local
authority. Valid for only one date or event and
location. Fee: 10% of cost of display ($500 max.)

Insurance No requirements in state law. May be required by
local authorities.
Operator Display must be handled by an operator certified
by the state. With certain exceptions, written
exam required. Exam fee: $30. Apply to Division
of Fire Safety. Certification fee: $25.

Annual licenses required. Apply to Director of State Police before April 1. Valid May 1-April 30. Non-residents must have license to do business in state. Retailer may purchase license from supplier, who must report to the director of state police semi-annually (January 31 and July 31.) Minimum age 21 years.
Manufacturer $ 1,000
Importer $ 750
Distributor $ 500
Wholesaler $ 100
Retail (per outlet) $ 25
Shooter $ 50
Public Display $ 25

MANUFACTURE, STORAGE, TRANSPORTATION Must comply with building and fire codes adopted
by the governing body. If no code has been
adopted, then storage shall be in accordance with
the fire code adopted by the director of the division
of fire prevention and control within the dept. of
public safety.
LICENSING Manufacturing, wholesale, and retail licenses
required annually; apply to Division of Fire Safety
at least 30 days in advance of activity. The
License is valid through Sept. 1 of the following
year. Retail licenses are good for the calendar
year in which issued.
Exporter $ 1,500
Wholesaler $ 1,500
Display $ 1,500
Retailer (per location) $ 50


Colorado Department of Public Safety Director of the Division of Fire Prevention 690 Kipling Street, Suite 2000 Lakewood, CO 80215 (303) 239-4600; (303) 239-4101


Colo. Rev. Stat. §§ 12-28-101 through 12-28-111; 8 Colo. Code Regs. §§ 1507-12:1.0 through 1507-12:13.1

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