South Carolina State Fireworks Laws


Specifically permitted Items meeting requirements of the CPSC except those noted below.
Specifically prohibited Small rockets less than ½” in diameter and 3” long.
Age to purchase and sell

Salesperson’s minimum age – 16 years. Covered fused required.

16 years, unless accompanied by parent.


Display Permit

Apply to State Fire Marshal at least 15 working days before show. Map and copy of insurance policy required. Material must be purchased from SC licensed firm.

Insurance Required, $500,000 minimum
Operator Certification by State Fire Marshal required. Must pass written test and submit notarized evidence of participation in a minimum of 6 shows, plus a statement from a SC licensed display company attesting to applicant’s experience. Minimum age requirement: 18 for assistants, 21 for operators. Recertification class and license renewal required every 2 years.
MANUFACTURE, STORAGE, TRANSPORTATION Safe storage areas and construction requirements specified in law and regulations posted on OSFM website.

State Board of Pyrotechnic Safety License required annually. All businesses in SC must obtain a SC Retail Sales Tax License before obtaining a SC Retail Fireworks License. You must apply to the SC Dept of Revenue for your Retail Sales Tax License.

Pyro Fees:
Manufacture License $2000
Wholesaler License $1250
Jobber $500
Retail Permit $200
Temporary Retail $100
Display Magazine $100
Wholesalers may sell only to licensed retailers or jobbers. Retailers may buy only from licensed wholesaler or jobbers.


Use and Transportation
State Fire Marshal
141 Monticello Trail
Columbia, SC 29203
Phone: 803-896-9800
Fax: 803-896-9806
Sales, Storage, and Licensing
State Board of Pyrotechnic Safety
141 Monticello Trail
Columbia, SC 29203
Phone: 803-896-9800
Fax: 803-896-9806


SC LLR Office of the State Fire Marshal Subarticle 6, 71-8305; SC LLR Board of Pyrotechnic Safety Article 7, 71-7405; Act 196, Chapter 56, Title 40 SC 1976 Code; SC 1976 Code, Title 23, Chap 9; Title 39, Chap 43, Div of General Services Chap 19-405. 1//405.9

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