200 Gram Cakes

Discover the marvels of 200 gram repeaters or multishots, the ultimate choice for pyrotechnic enthusiasts. These extraordinary fireworks are revered for their seamless fusion of artistry and innovation. With a single fuse, experience an unrivaled spectacle as a meticulously choregraphed sequence of barrages and exquisitely timed burst events unfolds, showcasing an extensive repertoire of vivid, kaleidoscopic special effects. Immerce yourself in a mesmerizing display reminiscent of professional show-style performances, all while indulging in a symphony of brilliant colors. Elevate your fireworks experience and make a statement with these captivating products.

  • 16 Shot Finale 4-Pack

    16 Shot Finale 4-Pack

    16 Shot Finale 4-Pack  MANAGERS SPECIAL !! THESE ARE JUST ONE OF OUR ALL TIME FAVORITES !! Catapult is a 16-shot 200-gram multi-shot that features colorful flying fish, stars, and strobe. Diamond Back is a 16-shot 200-gram multi-shot that features...

  • 16 Shot Happy

    16 Shot Happy

    Get ready for some explosive fun with our 16 Shot Happy! This small but mighty package contains 16 vibrant, colorful shells that will burst high in the air to create a dazzling display.  Perfect for a variety of occasions, this pyrotechnic product...

  • 36 Shot OMG Happy

    36 Shot OMG Happy

    The 36 Shot OMG Happy is a must-have for any fireworks pyrotechnician. Featuring 36 shells with a glossy label for an eye-catching shelf appeal, this product is sure to be a fan favorite. When lit, zip fan effects with plenty of color and noise are...

  • 50 Shot Ammo Box

    50 Shot Ammo Box

    This box contains 50 of the best shots of color and crackle, designed to create an awe-inspiring display for any special occasion.  Each shot is carefully crafted to provide a unique show of vibrant colors and a loud crackle for maximum impact...

  • 6 Shot Happy

    6 Shot Happy

    Our 6 Shot Happy is an exciting fireworks display that will leave your audience in awe. Featuring six vibrant color shells that burst high in the air, this powerful display of pyrotechnic engineering is sure to impress. Don't be fooled by its small...

  • Aces High

    Aces High

    Aces High is a professional-grade firework that is perfect for pyrotechnicians of all skill levels. It is easy to set up and fire, and it produces consistently high-quality results. Aces High is a popular choice for a variety of events, including...

  • Air Defense 100 Shot

    Air Defense 100 Shot

    This remarkable 100-shot cake boasts a rapid-fire sequence of vibrant red and green comets that soar into the night sky, culminating in an intense crackling finale that reverberates through the air, leaving a lasting impression on spectators. Key...

  • America 16s BUY 1 GET 1 FREE

    America 16s BUY 1 GET 1 FREE

    America 16 Shots Land of the free because of the brave Celebrate with pomp and parade, with games, guns, bells, bonfires and illuminations from this time forward forever more - John Adams The sales of this item helps benefit and support...

  • Americas Got Fireworks (30 Shots)

    Americas Got Fireworks (30 Shots)

    Americas Got Fireworks (30 Shots) is the perfect pyrotechnician companion. This 30 shot performance offers an array of colorful effects that will dazzle any crowd. Start off with a brocade crown with red tails and golden willow to brocade crown and red...

  • Atom Smasher

    Atom Smasher

    Atom Smasher, the perfect choice for any fireworks pyrotechnician! This powerful item boasts 8 shots of vibrant color tails, rising into the sky and bursting into color breaks and loud crackles.  With its wild silver torbillions, the Atom Smasher...

  • Aurora Polaris

    Aurora Polaris

    Introducing the Aurora Polaris fireworks display – a stunning visual display of color and light featuring a crackling tail and a bouquet of crackling, sky blue stars and white strobes. The beautiful spectrum of colors include purple, sky blue, red,...

  • Baby Dragon

    Baby Dragon

    This mesmerizing show will leave your audience in awe with its 14 shots of vibrant colors and varied effects. The show starts off with red and green tipped chrysanthemums bursting to life with vibrant flittering white strobes. The show then transitions...

  • SALE
    Battle of Colors

    Battle of Colors

    Presenting the "Battle of Colors" – a nostalgic revival with a timeless appeal that continues to captivate enthusiasts. Embrace the resurgence of this revered classic, as it makes a triumphant return to the spotlight, leaving a lasting impression...

    Was: $15.99
    Now: $8.00
  • Beastly


    Introducing Beastly, the ultimate pyrotechnic experience! This powerful fireworks show is perfect for any special occasion, and it will leave audiences in awe.  With 7 shots of dazzling white strobes and explosive colors, Beastly creates a...

  • Bling Bling 36 Shots

    Bling Bling 36 Shots

    Bling Bling 36 Shots is an exceptional multi-shot cake that provides an impressive show in the sky. This staff favorite offers a dazzling array of colors, starting with green bling and purple stars, followed by red, blue and white bling, then red and...

  • Blue Stars With Report 7s

    Blue Stars With Report 7s

    Blue Stars With Report 7s: a long-time favorite in the world of fireworks pyrotechnician! This product begins with an impressive fountain effect, transitioning to a stunning aerial display of red tail to blue stars, accompanied by a series of reports. ...

  • Bomb Squad

    Bomb Squad

    This powerful firework offers a captivating display of vibrant colors and dazzling effects. Featuring a brocade crown tail that radiates with color and peony, whistling and crackling silver swirling to blue stars, and white glittering, this amazing tool...

  • Caution Dangerous

    Caution Dangerous

    Our 4 shot finale is sure to leave your audience in awe with its combination of red and blue dahlias, white glitter, crackling willows and vibrant red tails. The red dahlia and white glitter with red tails and the blue dahlia with white glitter and blue...

  • Change My Mind

    Change My Mind

    The “Change My Mind” firework – a 22 shot spectacular guaranteed to amaze and delight your audience. Red and green strobing tails open the show, followed by titanium golden willows and massive chrysanthemums with white strobes.  ...

  • Civil Unrest

    Civil Unrest

    The Civil Unrest fireworks display is a perfect choice for pyrotechnicians who want to create a truly spectacular and unforgettable show. This display features 16 shots of all golden rising glittering tails to slow falling nishiki willows, filling the...

  • Cluckers


    Our product, 24 Shots, offers a dazzling array of color and sparkle with a red tail to red pearls with white strobe waterfall, blue tail to brocade crown with blue and green pearls with gold strobes, and a brocade crown with red strobes.  ...

  • Coiled


    Revel in the artistry and precision of this meticulously crafted collection, featuring a seamless sequence of 16 red sparkler mines, complemented by an enchanting fusion of blue sparkler mines and white glitter mines. Experience the perfect balance of...

  • Color & Parachute (Daytime Use)

    Color & Parachute (Daytime Use)

    Introducing "Color & Parachute (Daytime Use)," a spectacle designed to grace the daytime sky with vibrant elegance and charm. Elevate your daytime displays with the grace of 19 beautiful parachutes, each accompanied by a trail of colorful smoke tails...

  • Colorful Skies

    Colorful Skies

    Transform the night sky into a vibrant canvas with the Colorful Skies firework assortment, a collection of dazzling aerial displays that will captivate your audience with a symphony of colors and effects. This assortment features a variety of multi-shot...

  • Countdown To Extinction

    Countdown To Extinction

    This amazing firework set features 16 assorted strobing color breaks with white glitter, all with brilliant white mines. The grand finale is a 4 shot finale guaranteed to thrill and excite.  This showstopping display is the ideal way to add a touch...

  • Crazy Fruit

    Crazy Fruit

    Introducing "Crazy Fruit" - A Symphony of Dazzling Colors and Intense Acoustics Prepare to be captivated by the mesmerizing display of "Crazy Fruit" fireworks. With its explosive power and brilliant artistry, this pyrotechnician's dream offers 22 shots...

  • Cry Baby

    Cry Baby

    Introducing the Cry Baby fireworks display - the perfect addition to any gender reveal celebration! Featuring seven shots with blue and crackle mines, this eye-catching display is sure to make a lasting impression. With superior quality and a...

  • Death Rattle

    Death Rattle

    The Death Rattle 25 shot is the perfect addition to any pyrotechnician's arsenal. Featuring vivid colors and truly unique effects, it's sure to be a hit with any crowd. This high-powered, reliable display will provide a stunning show and leave your...

  • Desert At Night

    Desert At Night

    Desert At Night, the long-time favorite firework set! This set begins with a stunning fountain and culminates with a volly of aerial shells. With an impressive array of colors and patterns, this set is sure to create a mesmerizing display. Our...

  • Deterrence


    The Deterrence pyrotechnic offering will provide you with nine massive shots of vibrant, eye-catching effects. This includes crackling willows with orange dahlia and red glitter, and red tails that lead to red glittering willows and then culminating in...

  • Diamond Back

    Diamond Back

    Diamond Back 16 Shots, the perfect fireworks display to add a spark to any occasion! This small but powerful cake packs a big punch with its vibrant colors and loud bangs.  It’s great value for money, as you don’t have to break the bank...

  • Drain Bamaged

    Drain Bamaged

    The Drain Bamaged fireworks cake is perfect for any pyrotechnician who wants to make an impact. This 30 shot cake is packed with vibrant colors and crackling effects to create a dazzling display. The aerial effects include red dahlia with white glitter,...

  • Extreme Ride

    Extreme Ride

    Introducing Extreme Ride, the ultimate pyrotechnic experience. This spectacular fireworks display features a vibrant sky blue backdrop, with flashes of green glitter for an added sparkle. Silver glitter mines burst forth, leading to a shower of silver...

  • Final Victory

    Final Victory

    Introducing the Final Victory fireworks display! This powerful show will amaze your audience with its 16 shots of silver tails that transition from intense strobing coco palms to beautiful bursts of purple, red and blue pearls. The finale of this...

  • Fire Bug

    Fire Bug

    We all got a little firebug in us… Its all good just light the fuse! 16 Shots - Red spider with red tail, green spider with green tail, Silk tail, red spider with red tail, green spider with green tail.

  • FireWorks


    This little 36 shot cake will impress even the most seasoned pyro! The performance will give most 500 grammers a run for their money! Brocade crown, red blue, White strobe, Purple wave and Chrysanthemums.


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