Buy Fountain fireworks online at Usually in the shape of a cone or log that stands on the ground upright; when lit emits thousands of sparks of various colors which sometimes reports and can last from thirty seconds to three minutes.

  • 4" Assorted Fountains 3pk

    4" Assorted Fountains 3pk

    Presenting the 4" Assorted Fountains 3pk, an exemplary fusion of affordability and superior performance, tailored to elevate your fireworks showcases with a captivating range of effects. Embrace the enchanting allure of our meticulously crafted...

  • 90 Second Silver Strobe 5pk

    90 Second Silver Strobe 5pk

    Presenting the "90 Second Silver Strobe 5pk," an exceptional addition to your pyrotechnic arsenal. This meticulously crafted product promises a spectacular showcase of pulsating brilliance, designed to captivate audiences for a duration of 90 seconds...

  • Aircraft Carrier 2/Pk

    Aircraft Carrier 2/Pk

    The Aircraft Carrier 2/Pk is an ideal product for any fireworks pyrotechnician looking to add a stunning flair to their display. This pack features colorful sparks, a whistle, and sends two flying items high into the air. It is sure to captivate any...

  • All Star

    All Star

    All Star fireworks fountain from our latest collection – a spectacular display of color and light that will captivate your audience. This innovative fountain boasts an eye-catching combination of red and golden silk chrysanthemums, green and long...

  • Amazing


    The "Amazing" fountain from our expert pyrotechnicians! This spectacular show will leave you mesmerized with its dazzling display of white chrysanthemum featuring red pearls, a Spider Net with blue pearl, silver crackling chrysanthemum and white...

  • Angels Kiss

    Angels Kiss

    Angel's Kiss Fountain, the perfect choice for any fireworks pyrotechnician looking for a truly dazzling show. This fountain features a variety of colors and effects, including red, yellow, and blue crackling, red and blue pine needles, and red, green,...

  • Armadillo Fountain

    Armadillo Fountain

    Armadillo Fountain, your one-stop shop for the perfect fireworks display!  This incredible fountain is perfect for any occasion, with four different effects, including: (A) a red, green and yellow sparkler, (B) a blue, purple and white sparkler,...

  • Cock Crowing At Dawn 24/pk

    Cock Crowing At Dawn 24/pk

    This product, Cock Crowing At Dawn 24/pk, is sure to be a hit with any pyrotechnician. It emits showers of colorful sparks and produces some of the loudest whistles you can get from a product of this size. Make sure to add this to your inventory and get...

  • Color Smoke Fountain 5pk

    Color Smoke Fountain 5pk

    This Color Smoke Fountain 5pk is a must-have for any fireworks pyrotechnician looking to add a unique flair to their next display. Each fountain produces over 1 minute of heavy vibrant smoke in 5 different colors: Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple, and Red...

  • Crazy Cracklers 6pk

    Crazy Cracklers 6pk

    This small fountain-like item crackles for over three minutes, providing an unforgettable show. Plus, there's no need to worry about clean up - these cracklers literally disappear when they're done! Add this product to your arsenal and make your next...

  • Cuckoo Fountain 6pk

    Cuckoo Fountain 6pk

    The Cuckoo Fountain 6pk is the perfect addition to any pyrotechnic display. This fountain offers a colorful array of red, green, gold and white sparks that burst out with loud whistles, creating a dazzling display in the night sky. Perfect for any...

  • Cup Of Joe

    Cup Of Joe

    Cup of Joe Firework - because one cup of coffee isn't enough! This pyrotechnic brew is sure to give you an explosive burst of energy, featuring dazzling gold titanium crackle, vibrant red and green pearls, and an impressive finale of massive crackles...

  • Dante's Peak Fountain

    Dante's Peak Fountain

    Dante's Peak Fountain: an awe-inspiring pyrotechnic piece guaranteed to dazzle any audience. This 200-gram fountain delivers a stunning display of gold spray, red, green and orange stars, and titanium crackle, creating a truly mesmerizing show. Perfect...

  • Double Surprise

    Double Surprise

    This vibrant, captivating display features two different firework sequences – the first is a shower of brilliant stars with a surprise mine, and the second is a beautiful scene of pine needles with a second surprise! Perfect for any special...

  • Dragons Breath

    Dragons Breath

    Dragons Breath, the revolutionary plastic dragon fountain that produces a magical fireworks show with every use! This unique fountain comes in a variety of colors, selected at random for a truly spectacular display. Perfect for any pyrotechnic display,...

  • Eco Strobe 10pk

    Eco Strobe 10pk

    "Eco Strobe 10pk," where size belies the extraordinary performance contained within. Prepare to be captivated by the brilliance of these compact strobes that deliver an unparalleled visual spectacle, proving that greatness can indeed come in small...

  • Eco Strobe 48ct Display Box

    Eco Strobe 48ct Display Box

    Introducing the Eco Strobe 48ct Display Box – a powerful, yet compact package of fireworks that will give your pyrotechnic displays an extra burst of brilliance. This box contains 48 packs of 10 strobes each, totaling 480 strobes, and a variety of...

  • Ferris Wheel

    Ferris Wheel

    This awe-inspiring device emits showers of colorful neon sparks while spinning, creating a mesmerizing visual effect that will leave onlookers transfixed.  With its robust construction and reliable performance, the Ferris Wheel is an ideal choice...

  • Giant #12 Cone Fountain

    Giant #12 Cone Fountain

    This impressive fountain emits bright silver sparks and an intense crackling sound to create a dazzling and exciting visual and audio display. The color finish is sure to add a stunning pop of color to your display, delighting viewers and leaving them in...

  • Grand Slam

    Grand Slam

    Introducing Grand Slam – the perfect addition to your firework display! This fan-shaped fountain features laser red titanium chrysanthemums, multiple color springs, and big popping crackles. To top it off, you’ll be dazzled by the three-shot...

  • Happiness Fountain 3/pk

    Happiness Fountain 3/pk

    The Happiness Fountain 3/pk is an essential item for any fireworks show. This small, yet powerful fountain is a cost-effective way to add color and crackle to your display. An old-time favorite, the Happiness Fountain 3/pk is the perfect way to bring a...

  • Happiness Fountain 6/pk

    Happiness Fountain 6/pk

    The Happiness Fountain 6/pk packs a punch with its vibrant colors and crackles. This small and inexpensive fountain is a staple item for any fireworks show and a must-have for pyrotechnicians. Not only does it look great in the night sky, it also...

  • Hen Laying Egg Single

    Hen Laying Egg Single

    Welcome to the Hen Laying Egg Single pyrotechnic product. Our reliable product is sure to make your fireworks display stand out from the crowd. With each shot, the Hen Laying Egg Single shoots out a unique colored egg before ending with a series of head...

  • High Light

    High Light

    The High Light fountain from [insert company] will be sure to transform any event into a magical display of lights and colors. Its long-lasting effects will dazzle any audience, and its leaf-shaped window at the end adds an extra layer of whimsy to the...

  • Hot Wheels

    Hot Wheels

    Experience the captivating spectacle of the "Hot Wheels," a meticulously designed large multi-driver wheel engineered to deliver a mesmerizing display. Behold as it gracefully spins with precision on the ground, accompanied by an elegant sequence of...

  • Jack In The Box 6pk

    Jack In The Box 6pk

    Jack In The Box 6pk – a premium pyrotechnic delight that features a stunning display of colorful spinners and crackle. Designed to meet the high demands of professional pyrotechnicians, this product delivers an explosive show that is sure to leave...

  • Jr. Cuckoo Fountain 3pk

    Jr. Cuckoo Fountain 3pk

    The Jr. Cuckoo Fountain 3pk is the perfect choice for your pyrotechnic show needs. It provides a dazzling display of red, green, gold and white sparkles that burst into the air accompanied by loud whistles. This pack of 3 is sure to make your show a hit...

  • Jr. Cuckoo Fountain Single

    Jr. Cuckoo Fountain Single

    The Jr. Cuckoo Fountain Single offers a colorful and vibrant display of firework sparks. It produces red, green, gold, and white displays of glittering sparks along with loud whistles. This product is sure to provide an amazing show that will leave your...

  • Kick Ass Fountain

    Kick Ass Fountain

    Kick Ass Fountain is the ultimate fireworks pyrotechnician's tool! Its name speaks for itself, and you won't be disappointed with the highest legal spray allowed for its caliber. Make the most of your fireworks display with this reliable and powerful...

  • Killer Bees 4/Pk

    Killer Bees 4/Pk

    Killer Bees 4/Pk is an essential for any professional fireworks pyrotechnician. Its signature fountain display is recognized and loved by everyone who sees it. With its vibrant colors and impressive effects, Killer Bees 4/Pk is sure to be a hit with any...

  • Lava Lamp Fountain

    Lava Lamp Fountain

    "Lava Lamp Fountain" - A Revolutionary Pyrotechnic Innovation Prepare to revolutionize your displays with the "Lava Lamp Fountain," a groundbreaking pyrotechnic creation meticulously designed for astute pyrotechnicians. This exceptional product...

  • Loud Mouth

    Loud Mouth

    The Loud Mouth is the perfect pyrotechnic product for those looking for a truly breathtaking and awe-inspiring presentation. This firework provides a loud and vibrant display that will last for over a minute. The crackle and stars create a mesmerizing...

  • Love & Peace

    Love & Peace

    A Symbol of Harmony and Celebration The Love & Peace firework embodies the spirit of harmony and celebration, bringing a touch of warmth and joy to any occasion. Its mesmerizing display of golden hues and graceful effects perfectly complements its...

  • Malibu Madness

    Malibu Madness

    Introducing "Malibu Madness," a dynamic fireworks fountain that encapsulates the spirit of the ocean. With a stunning fusion of captivating effects, this meticulously crafted fountain is designed to create an exhilarating spectacle reminiscent of riding...

  • Mega Fountain 3pk Assortment

    Mega Fountain 3pk Assortment

    Introducing the Mega Fountain 3pk Assortment, the ideal choice for any fireworks pyrotechnician looking for a powerful display. This large 3 pack assortment brings together the elements of fire, ice, and lava to create a truly unforgettable experience...


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