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West Virginia State Fireworks Laws


Specifically permitted

Sparkling devices (fountains, wire sparklers, trick noisemakers, smoke devices, snakes).

Firecrackers, torpedoes, sky rockets, roman candles, bottle rockets, reloadable shells, missile-type Rockets, helicopter and aerial spinners, multi-aerial mine and shell devices, aerial shell kits.

Selling Period Year-round
Retail sale Sparkling Devices & Novelties: Business registration certificate and a Sparklers and Novelties Registration Certificate are required, $15 fee.
Consumer Fireworks: Business registration certificate, a minimum of $1 million dollars public & product liability insurance, Consumer Fireworks Certificate are required. Temporary retail sales location fee: $500.00
Permanent retail sales location fee: $1000.00
Minimum age to sale, purchase & use 18 years old with a valid I.D.

Display permit

Apply to State Fire Marshal and local authorities at least 15 days before display date. Non- residents must appoint an in-state legal representative to obtain license, if the local authorities require legal representation.
Insurance Required Minimum $1,000,000. Local authorities may require a $1,000 bond.
Operator Pyro-Technician Minimum age: 21 years. State license required; apply to State Fire Marshal.
Pyro-Technician In-Training Minimum age: 18 Two operators are required per display.


West Virginia State Fire Marshal Regulatory & Licensing Division 1207 Quarrier Street, 2nd Floor Charleston, WV 25201
Phone: 304-558-2191
Fax: 304-558-2191


West Virginia Code, Chapter 29, Article 3E, 103CSR4

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