Whistle Effects

  • Black Sunshine

    Black Sunshine

    Black Sunshine is an exquisite fireworks display that will turn any darkness to light! Featuring 190+ sweeping volleys, that are sure to fill the sky with a colorful array of crackles and reports, it offers the perfect finale with fan sweeps of huge...

  • Boomer Ladybugs 3pk

    Boomer Ladybugs 3pk

    The Ladybugs 3/Pk are a reliable and exciting addition to any fireworks display. With each bug, you'll be sure to captivate your audience as they spin around the ground with a loud shriek before flying over 30 feet in the air. Add these unique aerial...

  • Chicken Laying Egg 2/Pk

    Chicken Laying Egg 2/Pk

    This pack of two chickens will add a unique and exciting flair to any pyrotechnic show. Our chickens lay a real balloon egg right in front of the audience, creating an eye-catching spectacle that will leave your viewers in awe. With their lifelike...

  • Cock Crowing At Dawn 24/pk

    Cock Crowing At Dawn 24/pk

    This product, Cock Crowing At Dawn 24/pk, is sure to be a hit with any pyrotechnician. It emits showers of colorful sparks and produces some of the loudest whistles you can get from a product of this size. Make sure to add this to your inventory and get...

  • Hen Laying Egg Single

    Hen Laying Egg Single

    Welcome to the Hen Laying Egg Single pyrotechnic product. Our reliable product is sure to make your fireworks display stand out from the crowd. With each shot, the Hen Laying Egg Single shoots out a unique colored egg before ending with a series of head...

  • Hen Laying Eggs 2-Pack

    Hen Laying Eggs 2-Pack

    Enhance your fireworks display with the whimsical charm of the Hen Laying Eggs 2-Pack, a delightful addition that will bring smiles to the faces of both children and adults. This novelty item features a comical hen that lays a series of colorful eggs,...

  • High Light

    High Light

    The High Light fountain from [insert company] will be sure to transform any event into a magical display of lights and colors. Its long-lasting effects will dazzle any audience, and its leaf-shaped window at the end adds an extra layer of whimsy to the...

  • Howling Peony

    Howling Peony

    The Howling Peony is the ultimate performance-level pyrotechnic showpiece, featuring 25 shots of a howling whistle tail followed by an exquisite, colorful peony break.  With the Howling Peony, you can create a mesmerizing display that will leave...

  • Jr. Cuckoo Fountain 3pk

    Jr. Cuckoo Fountain 3pk

    The Jr. Cuckoo Fountain 3pk is the perfect choice for your pyrotechnic show needs. It provides a dazzling display of red, green, gold and white sparkles that burst into the air accompanied by loud whistles. This pack of 3 is sure to make your show a hit...

  • Jr. Cuckoo Fountain Single

    Jr. Cuckoo Fountain Single

    The Jr. Cuckoo Fountain Single offers a colorful and vibrant display of firework sparks. It produces red, green, gold, and white displays of glittering sparks along with loud whistles. This product is sure to provide an amazing show that will leave your...

  • Jumbo Saturn Missile

    Jumbo Saturn Missile

    Discover the awe-inspiring marvel that is the "Jumbo Saturn Missile" - where super size meets super performance, creating a spectacle reminiscent of a Saturn Missile on steroids! Tailored to captivate the discerning fireworks pyrotechnician, this...

  • Ladybugs 3pk

    Ladybugs 3pk

    The Ladybugs 3/Pk are a reliable and exciting addition to any fireworks display. With each bug, you'll be sure to captivate your audience as they spin around the ground with a loud shriek before flying over 30 feet in the air. Add these unique aerial...

  • Loud Cloud

    Loud Cloud

    Loud Cloud features an incredible whistling effect that culminates in a powerful crackle flower break. Our unique Loud Cloud blend of powerful colors is designed to give your displays the perfect grand finale.  With Loud Cloud, you can be sure to...

  • Midnight Howler

    Midnight Howler

    Welcome to the Midnight Howler – an awe-inspiring fireworks display like no other! This pyrotechnic product features an intense 20-shot barrage of crackling effects, including goose whistling with chrysanthemums, red strobes with green leaves,...

  • Race Car Fireworks 2/pk

    Race Car Fireworks 2/pk

    Enhance your fireworks show with Race Car Fireworks 2/pk! These fireworks will create a thrilling spectacle as they "wizz by" - you'll see sparks and flames as they blaze a trail in the sky. Team Dominators Race Car Fireworks 2/pk are sure to bring...

  • Sassy Sally 6pk

    Sassy Sally 6pk

    Sassy Sally is a small silver fountain firework that produces a high-pitched screaming effect. It is perfect for adding a touch of fun and excitement to any celebration. The Sassy Sally 6pk is a great value for pyrotechnicians, as it includes six...

  • Shriek Shack

    Shriek Shack

    Shriek Shack, an exciting new fireworks pyrotechnician product! With its super loud whistling fountain and beautiful showers of colorful sparks and crackles, this product will surely take your pyrotechnic display to the next level.  Experience the...

  • Total Dominance Assortment

    Total Dominance Assortment

    Within this comprehensive set, you'll find an expertly curated selection of artillery, aerials, fountains, sparklers, roman candles, and an array of other high-quality pyrotechnic marvels. Each component has been precisely engineered to ensure optimal...

  • Twitter Glitter

    Twitter Glitter

    Enthrall your audience with the captivating Twitter Glitter, a mesmerizing pyrotechnic display that combines a vibrant fountain with a series of colorful stars and whistling reports. Product Features: Dazzling Fountain: The Twitter Glitter begins with...

  • Up Up And Away (Girandola)

    Up Up And Away (Girandola)

    Introducing Up Up And Away (Girandola), one of the most innovative fireworks available on the consumer market today! This high-flying firework spins rapidly and emits loud, screeching noises as it ascends into the sky. This product is sure to be a hit...

  • Whistling Pete 4pk

    Whistling Pete 4pk

    Whistling Pete 4pk – the perfect choice for any pyrotechnician looking to create a unique, attention-grabbing display. This set of four traditional whistling fountains produces an incredibly loud whistle, making it an ideal choice for any special...

  • Whistling Rotating Tri Wheel

    Whistling Rotating Tri Wheel

    Discover the enchanting allure of the Whistling Rotating Tri Wheel, a timeless favorite that never fails to captivate audiences. Experience the harmonious blend of whistling effects and rotational elegance, meticulously designed to add a touch of magic...

  • Zoo Party

    Zoo Party

    Introducing Zoo Party, the perfect fireworks display for any special occasion! With a dazzling array of colors and effects, Zoo Party will leave you and your guests in awe. This pyrotechnic display is composed of red, green, sky blue, and white strobes;...


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