Just a little April update... with a little surprise inside!

Just a little April update... with a little surprise inside!

Posted by Randall@OCFireworks on 2nd Apr 2020

As we all sit back and watch this global pandemic unfold, we figured what better to do than post a blog...

Let me start by explaining the image I have selected for the cover of this blog. Personally, I’m getting a little burnt out with all the images of viruses, medical workers and trailers filled with the deceased. I selected this image reminding everyone what lies ahead because this to will pass.

With all the uncertainty surrounding the fireworks industry just know that not all is bad. China has opened the factories and containers are being stuffed along with containers on the water heading our way. Now is this the one and all fix for everything probably not but with so much uncertainty in our world right now we must treat every little victory as a step in the right direction. I also cannot forget to mention the 60+ degree temps and beautiful sunshine we have had today :)

As for us here at home base in northern Indiana, we are still up and rolling just in a much different fashion. Since our last blog post we also added over 350 new items to the 2020 lineup! With many of us operating from home, we have implemented strict guidelines as to how many employees will occupy office and work stations by giving our staff the flexibility of creating their own hours allowing them to collaborate together so not more than one person will occupy an area at the same time. So, in short, your order may get pulled at 1am, packed at 8am and shipped at noon though we have limited our shipping days down to 2-3 days per week so if you’re thinking about placing an order please don’t hesitate.

Besides, what better way to pass time with your immediate family than lighting fireworks! For that split moment when you hear the whistles, feel the launch and see the breaks that will put smiles on everyone’s face and make us forget about what’s going on around us and I’m sure everyone could use a little break from reality about now.

So, for those of you that follow us and take the time to read our blogs and hear what we have to say,Thank you and please know that every single order you place is going directly towards keeping our staff employed with a FULL PAYCHECK regardless of how many hours they are working. Our staff and their families have always had our backs and now it is time for us to have theirs.

Now for the stuff I am sure all of you are tired of hearing... Please, stay at home if possible and use every possible precaution if you must go out while practicing safe social distancing along with all other CDC recommended guidelines. Do not just do this for yourself, do this for you, your family, me, my family, us, our family, and most importantly our entire country. The sooner we can get through this, the sooner this nightmare will be nothing more than a memory.

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