Why Buy From Us?

We know and understand that there are a lot of different products and places to choose from when buying fireworks online.

When we started the project of bringing our retail store to the internet, we took a very close look at what was currently being offered by the online fireworks marketplace. What we saw had us completely stunned! $1,000 minimums,$300 freight, and low quality products !

We felt very strongly that this market was not being pushed to its fullest potential! By placing ourselves in the shoes of a customer, we thought why not offer high quality products, very low or free freight, an actual telephone number with a real person on the other end willing to assist you, same day shipping, quality videos, and reasonable prices? With this in mind, the mission began!

Now, we want to tell you a little about us! We are a relatively small company, family owned and operated with 12 employees who all love fireworks! Together we shoot fireworks, at least once a week, all year round to test new items and keep everyone in touch with our products. This is what sets us apart from many other retailers both brick & mortar stores and online retailers…We truly are pyros just like many of you! For us, fireworks are not just a business, they are a way of life.

We believe that there are many brands available on the market that offer good quality products…to a point... Without calling out any one single brand or company, company #1 may offer great firecrackers, but the same company has rockets that are not so great. Meanwhile, company #2 has great rockets, but their roman candles are not so hot. And so on, I am sure you get the point. This is why we carry many different brands and only select items of those brands. This comes back to us shooting these items personally. As a fireworks retailer, we can carry any brand we want, so why not carry high quality products from the start? When you have good fireworks, they sell themselves and don’t require a high pressure salesman to trick you into buying them! Since we have a retail store that is open all year in addition to the webstore, we have to face our customers each and every day. Now, what do you think would happen if we sell our local customers poor quality products?

Customer service and support is the single most important part of our business. In this paragraph, I want to take a moment and tell a story of a customer who called us on June 25th. I personally answered the phone and said “fireworks, how can I help you?” On the other end was a woman who in her 1st sentence started to cry! I asked “what's wrong? How can I help?” And the young woman went on to tell me how she was trying to buy fireworks for her and her family, but she had a few questions and concerns when it came to buying online and she had been on the internet for hours trying to contact any retailer who had a real person on the other end who knew about the products and was willing to take time to talk to her! I told her “I'm right here and to ask away!” Now, I spent 15 minutes with this woman and answered very legitimate questions, and I assisted her in placing a very sizable order. 5 to 6 pages deep on google and not one company was willing to talk to this woman! I was completely speechless! So just imagine "what would you do, should you have a problem with your order?"

Unlike many online retailers, we offer our products by the piece, by the box, by the case with pricing discounts along the way. The more you buy the larger the price break. For example, we offer firecrackers by the pack, by the brick, by the case without forcing you to buy 50 pounds of firecrackers unless you absolutely want them.

Now on to the Buy 1 get 1 subject. This is something we try very hard to stay away from because we like to think customers are smarter than this. NOTHING IN THE WHOLE WORLD WILL EVER BE COMPLETELY FREE! I am sure most of you already understand this, but there will always be a select few who fall for these types of specials. Now, from time to time, we may over-order or don’t sell as much of a product as we thought, and there comes a point where we have to make it move in order to keep the warehouse stock moving, so we can bring in new stock. This is the only time you will see buy 1 get 1’s in our store, and when you do see them, it's because this is one of the products we made a mistake on and simply have way too much stock on hand. The next point of buy 1 get 1’s…..lets say you have a $300 budget to complete your show. Why would you want to display 2 of the same item to your spectators? Wouldn’t you want to mix the show with as many different effects as possible with the budget you have set forth and not shoot the same items over and over?

We hope that after reading this section you have found some of this information helpful when making your decision on where and what to purchase! Should you choose to make us your 1 stop shop for all of your fireworks needs, we would like to thank you in advance. Now enough of all this typing…I'm ready to go shoot some fireworks!

and by the way....Our phone number is 574-742-8164. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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