Helicopters or Small planes that spin quickly and fly into the air, often with showers of sparks and ending with an explosion.

  • Artificial Satellite 12pk

    Artificial Satellite 12pk

    Bring your pyrotechnic displays to the next level with our Artificial Satellite 12pk! Each satellite spins on the ground and then propels itself in the air, leaving a stunning trail of golden sparks that your audience will never forget. Our Artificial...

  • Avenger Missile 4/pk

    Avenger Missile 4/pk

    Prepare for an electrifying launch as the Avenger Missile takes off, accompanied by the distinctive fluttering sound of its propellers. The realistic sound effects add an extra dimension of excitement to the launch, captivating the attention of your...

  • B3 Bomber 2pk

    B3 Bomber 2pk

    B3 Bomber 2pk – an explosive set of fireworks that will take your display to new heights! With its vibrant colors and loud detonations, this two-pack of pyrotechnic devices will make a spectacular addition to your collection. The B3 Bomber...

  • Bugs Bugs Bugs 24pk

    Bugs Bugs Bugs 24pk

    Introducing Bugs Bugs Bugs 24pk, the perfect choice for any fireworks pyrotechnician looking to create a spectacular show! This product features 24 high-quality units that spin super fast and propel colorful sparks into the sky. Create an unforgettable...

  • Darts Single Pack

    Darts Single Pack

    The Darts Single Pack – a must-have for any pyrotechnician! This package contains 6 pieces of our high-quality, aerial fireworks products that are sure to take your show to the next level. Each of these small items starts as a spinner and quickly...

  • Drone Swarm

    Drone Swarm

    Introducing Drone Swarm, the revolutionary fireworks display product that will take your show to the next level! Light one fuse and watch as 8 drones are launched into the night sky, creating a mesmerizing display of light and color. Each drone is...

  • Green Hornet 6pk

    Green Hornet 6pk

    Welcome to the Green Hornet 6pk! This set of fireworks is sure to make an impact and turn heads! Featuring a high flying red tail, this set culminates in a stunning display of silver sparks and crackling. Get ready to make a statement with the Green...

  • Ladybugs 3pk

    Ladybugs 3pk

    The Ladybugs 3/Pk are a reliable and exciting addition to any fireworks display. With each bug, you'll be sure to captivate your audience as they spin around the ground with a loud shriek before flying over 30 feet in the air. Add these unique aerial...

  • Magic Crystals 4pk

    Magic Crystals 4pk

    The Magic Crystal 4pk is a must-have pyrotechnic for any professional fireworks display. When set off, these crystals spin on the ground and emit dazzling sparks before launching into the air and giving off a shower of silver sparks. The loud screeching...

  • Mosquitos 6pk

    Mosquitos 6pk

    Mosquitos 6pk, the perfect pyrotechnic companion for all your thrilling displays! The Mosquitos 6pk creates a spectacular sky-high show of light and sound that will leave your audience in awe. Each package contains six hand-crafted firework shells that...

  • Night Plane Large 4pk

    Night Plane Large 4pk

    The Night Plane Large 4pk is the perfect addition to any fireworks show. These large night planes offer an impressive aerial display that is sure to dazzle your audience. As they soar into the sky, they leave a trail of silver sparks that is sure to...

  • Planes Flying at Night

    Planes Flying at Night

    Welcome pyrotechnicians! Look no further for the perfect sky flyer fireworks display for your next event. Planes Flying at Night is the perfect choice for creating a memorable and awe-inspiring experience. This firework will launch high up into the sky...

  • Pyrogyro 3 Pack

    Pyrogyro 3 Pack

    Introducing the Pyrogyro 3 Pack! This pack of amazing, colorful novelties have the capacity to fly up high into the air and create an array of fantastic effects. The Pyrogyro 3 Pack includes three unique items: 1. The Red Light with Silver Whistle and...

  • Silver Jet 6pk

    Silver Jet 6pk

    The Silver Jet 6pk is a classic large silver jet that is sure to give a spectacular performance. Its incredible silver sparks trail behind it as it soars up into the night sky, making it the perfect addition to any fireworks display. With its consistent...

  • Small Bees 12/Ct

    Small Bees 12/Ct

    Small Bees 12/ct are the perfect addition to any fireworks display. These mini aerial shells are sure to excite any audience with their bright bursts of color and loud bangs. With a larger number of shells per pack, you can create a spectacular show...

  • Small Bees 40/12 Display Box

    Small Bees 40/12 Display Box

    This Small Bees 40/12 Display Box will provide a stunning and dynamic show to your audience. With the powerful display of vibrant colors and loud noises, you can be sure to make a lasting impression. This fireworks display box contains 40 shells and 12...

  • Space Flyer 12/pk

    Space Flyer 12/pk

    The Space Flyer 12/pk is the perfect product for any pyrotechnician looking to add an extra element of excitement to their shows. When lit, this special firework sends off a vibrant red and green ball of color, spinning quickly into the night sky. With a...

  • Spectral Bat 3pk

    Spectral Bat 3pk

    The Spectral Bat 3pk is a must-have for your next fireworks show! This powerful pack of three provides a stunning display of green light, crackling stars, and a high-speed spinning vampire bat. The intense display will wow your audience and make your...

  • Sunflower Planes 12pk

    Sunflower Planes 12pk

    The Sunflower Planes 12pk is a must-have for any pyrotechnician! These innovative fireworks provide a mesmerizing experience, spinning on the ground before lifting off into the sky in a dazzling display of assorted colors. The Sunflower Planes 12pk is...

  • Topgun Triple Helicopter 4pk

    Topgun Triple Helicopter 4pk

    The Topgun Triple Helicopter 4pk is a professional-grade fireworks display that produces a dazzling and mesmerizing display of triple helicopters in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. With 4 shots, this display is sure to light up the sky...

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    Up Up And Away (Girandola)

    Up Up And Away (Girandola)

    Introducing Up Up And Away (Girandola), one of the most innovative fireworks available on the consumer market today! This high-flying firework spins rapidly and emits loud, screeching noises as it ascends into the sky. This product is sure to be a hit...

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