OCFireworks.com Launches a new website platform!

OCFireworks.com Launches a new website platform!

Posted by Randall@OCFireworks on 28th Jan 2020

Ok, After 14 months its finally completed! Yes, we know we are slow but Rome wasnt built in a day, haha. As the ecommerce world continues to evolve we try our best to stay up with the latest and greatest in internet technology while keeping you "our customers" as our main focus. 

Our previous platform was not very mobile friendly and over the last few years the scales have been slowly tipping to around 70% of customers going to mobile shopping vs desktop. With mobile users in our focus we spent months just researching to find the best solution, software and partners to create a platform that has easy functionality for both mobile and desktop users alike. 

Utilizing partners from all over the world we created a team to bring you the best of both worlds if you are a mobile device user or a desktop shopper, your experience should be simple, to the point and easy to obtain the desired results of being able to find what you want, see what it does and checkout with ease while maintaining your security and privacy. 

However, not wanting to put all of our eggs in one basket during the testing phase our old site (www.overstockcentralfireworks.com) is still live and fully functional should you run into any issues with our new platform (www.ocfireworks.com). Along with this new platform includes many features and automation on the admin panel that will allow us to serve you in a much better fashion. 

With any new web enviroment there could always be an issue or a bug that we have yet to find however, each of our partners are on standby should anyone run into any errors. Also feel free to give us feedback (via email) as we would really like to hear your feedback on the site. 

So, without further adieu.... 

We would like to welcome you to the new www.ocfireworks.com home of the buy fireworks online shopping experience and we thank you for your patience as we transtion into the future.

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