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Explosions, Tariffs, Coronavirus Oh My!

Explosions, Tariffs, Coronavirus Oh My!

Posted by Randall@OCFireworks on 7th Feb 2020

Where to begin? So much to talk about!

It’s been a little over a week since the launch of our new website and we are very pleased with the response from customers. This new platform is just loaded with many new tools and features to allow us to serve you much better. The mobile rendering allows for no more pinching and zooming while leaving the desktop user experience very similar to the original website. But again, we really love to hear your feedback on this... even if it’s bad, we really do listen to your needs and do our best to fine tune our company to suite you best.

Now onto the bigger task at hand....

The factory explosion a few months ago closed all factories for a number of weeks while the Chinese government investigated and revamped many regulations, no more than this topic was coming to a close...I’m sure all of you have seen the headlines across the world regarding the Coronavirus outbreak believed to have originated in Wuhan China which is only 4 hours away from Liuyang China which is basically the epicenter of where the majority of fireworks factories are located.

What we know as of now?

Due to this, we were told all factories had stopped production in Liuyang. This virus outbreak really came during the worst possible time in China creating the “perfect storm” as Chinese New Year was beginning and a large number of the Chinese population are traveling back home to spend the holiday with family in their home towns all the while the Chinese government was asking people to stay inside, do not travel and stay away from large gatherings which in turn will cut their holiday season short. To counter that we have been told the CNY had been extended by the Chinese government. So what does this mean for us you may ask? Well, this means that the factories that produce all the products have not had the necessary time to build everyone’s products for this coming 2020 season. Though we are diligently working to find solutions to this, this year is proving to be one of the most challenging seasons that we can ever recall. 

Our final thought

Now with a situation such as this it is very easy to think China is a very far away place and not think of the social impact this has placed on the people of China... think of what this had done to the average factory worker? This effect on them has been far worse and we never want to lose site of that. Just take a moment and think of the families that depend on their income and how many of them may be struggling for the coming months. So this year if we run out of a product early or your favorite cake doesn’t get produced just remember the bigger picture and say a prayer for the people of China who have worked very hard supplying our hobby for all these years...

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